'Soft shell' cabbage tacos with the essential ingredients, taco 'meat' and the best spicy Mexican mayo EVER! My current fave smoothie to accompany: beet, strawberry & banana. Feeling that antioxidant glow already 😊
thank you. some people simple do not know where to start.
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Sweet Potato and Black Bean Mexican Salad / Recipe
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Mmm, my favorite plus alfalfa sprouts for good measure.

So glad I have my mandolin because this tends to fall apart if the goodies are more than 1/8th of an inch.

4 frozen bananas + frozen blueberries ~ blended ~ topped with almonds, almond butter, and chocolate covered blueberries. You don’t know how good this was 😍

What is the point of this??? Get a bigger jar!

Fajitas are a popular and delicious Mexican dish. Take a look at these 12 healthy fajitas recipes… #10 is really delish! Read more: credit:

For reference. I make bangin fajitas, but I’d like to broaden my horizons. 😊
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The Science Behind Consciously Controlling Your Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection
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