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Bacon + brie + avocado = foodgasm
Gimme all da chocolate. 🍫

Huevos Rancheros

Pre-workout power snack: vanilla latte nice cream with homemade nutty maple granola & coffee maple sauce 😜

Can we talk about your silverware tho?? 👌
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I haven’t posted a personal food picture in awhile cause it was at the point where nobody gave feedback, but I don’t care much anymore.

Here is one of my most favorite ways to have overnight oats.

Easy PB&J overnight oats:

• Frozen raspberries (when I don’t have fresh)
• PB2 powder
• Almond milk
• Steel cut rolled oats
• Agave nectar drizzled over top

If you’ve ever made these, you know the drill. Otherwise it’s literally thrown together; 1 portion amount of oats, enough almond milk to make them dense along with the PB2 powder, and a portion (2 tbsp) of PB2. Usually a half cup of raspberries is what I do, but you can have as much as your heart desires! Mix together and evenly combine ingredients. Store overnight in any container. Stir & enjoy in the morning!

To me, this tastes like a PB&J. I’m used to the taste of PB2, & my favorite jam has always been raspberry, so this is literally quite perfect. 😊

Harvested i’ipai (prickly pear cactus fruit in the O’odham language) the way that V’s grandmother taught him: use su:gi (aka Creosote, Chaparelle, or Larrea tridentata) to brush off the spines, then twist off the fruit.
They have a bright s-wegi (red/pink) juice. After you remove its spines and peel off the outer layer, you can pop the entire ipai (fruit) in your mouth. There are lots of seeds, so you suck the juice and then spit them out. They also make a delicious tea— just peel, put into the s-cedagi (water), break apart with a fork, boil for about 15 minutes, then strain. I just did this and bottled the tea with chia seeds and it is sitting in the fridge. 
The tohono (desert) provides with such abundance. Gratitude abounds!
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Fruit and Nut Snack Bars
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I have wayyyy too many veggies in my house right now that need to be eaten so I thought an all veggie plate for dinner would be perfect. This was phenomenal!
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